Terms and Conditions






Version 2.0 effective 11 July 2019


1.                  The primary purpose of the independent social media service “VetsSpace.online” (the “Service”) is to provide a forum where serving and veteran/retirees from the military and first responders (police, fire and ambulance services) of NATO member/partner or Five-Eye (FVEY) nations may freely express themselves in a safe atmosphere without being judged by their peers.

2.                  Note that immediate family members are also welcome to join, but they be excluded from some discussions Services that are dedicated to the serving member/veterans/retirees.


3.                  Members must be/have been members in good standing of at least one of the following services:

  • a.                  an officially recognized military of a nation or nation-equivalent that are either NATO (Members and Partner nations) or a member of the FVEY;

  • b.                  a police service, whether at the community, provincial/state or federal level (to include secret/special services);

  • c.                   a fire-fighting service; and

  • d.                  ambulance attendant, EMT, paramedic or similar function.

4.                  Spouses and children of the members listed above may also join the Service but they may be restricted to public forums only.

5.                  Exceptions may be granted, subject to 2/3 majority approval by the Admins, subject to VETO by the Owner (see ROLES/RESPONSIBILITIES).

6.                  The following individuals are NOT welcome as members of the Service and are subject to being banned/ejected:

  • a.                  Individuals who have lied and/or embellished their former service (i.e.- Stolen Valor);

  • b.                  Individuals belonging to known/generally accepted Terrorist organizations, as recognized by Canada, the NATO/FVEY alliances and/or the United Nations.

  • c.                   Partisans/freedom fighters not belonging to an officially recognized military organization in accordance with the Geneva Conventions, without the UNANIMOUS concurrence of the Admins – and subject to VETO by the Service Owner; and

  • d.                  Members who have been dishonorably discharged from any of the accepted services, without the UNANIMOUS concurrence of the Admins – and subject to VETO by the Service Owner.


7.                  The following types of “members” have been defined within the service:

  • a.                  Regular Member (Member)  A “normal” user with standard read/write privileges per the Service.  They may “recommend” new users – but cannot approve their joining.

  • b.                  Moderator (Mod).  A senior member who has agreed to moderate discussion forums, Group pages, etc for inappropriate content.

  • c.                   Administrator (Admin).  A member possessing the ability to add and remove/ban regular members from the Service; permanently delete content; pin posts/notices to the top of the board; promote/demote members (if authorized) and change the Service parameters/configuration (such as Service name, photo, etc).

  • d.                  Owner.  The owner exercises overall control over the Service, arbitrating between members when required, and is accountable for the Service should inappropriate actions or content within the Service which may lead to action by 3rd parties and/or the Law.

8.                  Common responsibilities:

  • a.                  Read and understand the contents of this Charter and agree to adhere to its guidelines.

  • b.                  All members are expected to show some degree of active participation within the Service, reading/sharing content and commenting as appropriate – within the limitations of acceptable content/use.

  • c.                   Members are expected to police content/commentary among themselves, only seeking the assistance of an Amin or the Owner when exceptionally required.

  • d.                  Objectionable content should NOT be reported to 3rd parties; see ACCEPTABLE CONTENT/USE section.

9.                  Administrator responsibilities:

  • a.                  Mediate disputes between members, seeking low/no conflict solutions, and escalating to the Service Owner if/when required.

  • b.                  Approving the addition of recommended new members after performing a cursory evaluation to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.

  • c.                   Warning members to edit/remote objectionable content if warranted.

  • d.                  Appling the Service DISCIPLINARY POLICY if needed.

  • e.                  Deleting content if no resolution is achieved with the originating member after consulting with another Admin or the Owner to ensure there is concurrence that a violation has occurred, and deletion is warranted.

  • f.                    Ejecting members in accordance with the Service EJECTION OF A MEMBER policy.

10.              Owner responsibilities:

  • a.                  Policing the conduct/decisions of Admins and acting as a point of Appeal by members if warranted (decisions by the Owner are FINAL).

  • b.                  Serve as the point of contact/accountability for the Service and member conduct with Facebook.

  • c.                   Set the overall policy/charter for the Service.


11.              Anyone may recommend a new member to the Service, provided they meet the membership criteria.

12.              Recommended additions need to be approved by an Admin. 

13.              The Admins should make some effort to validate the members eligibility, either by:

  • a.                  Verifying with the member making the recommendation or other former service members who may know the recommended member.

  • b.                  Reviewing the recommended member’s web-page for evidence of service.

  • c.                   Contacting the recommended member directly to confirm their eligibility.

14.              Members recommending new members are responsible for the conduct of their recommended member and may face disciplinary action/penalties should the recommended member prove to be a menace to the good order of the Service.


15.              While a certain amount of rough-play/dialogue between members is encouraged, first and foremost there should be some degree of respect for all members within the Service.

16.              Members are encouraged to post a variety of content and media, including:

  • a.                  Jokes (including “dirty jokes” that do not fall under unacceptable content) – in text, image/meme or video format;

  • b.                  personal jabs at other members/services – provided they are not malicious (see also “Forbidden Activities”);

  • c.                   General discussions on their experiences, both within and/or outside the military (including discussions on PTSD, OSI, etc); and

  • d.                  Seek advice/assistance securing support services outside the Facebook community;

17.              Unacceptable content:

  • a.                  “Hard Core” pornography, explicitly showing genitalia or explicit views of sexual acts (sexual/NSFW postings are acceptable but are subject to removal at the request of a member if deemed too offensive).

  • b.                  Hate speech that explicitly incites hatred or violence against a specific Service en masse (such as a specific race, religion or nationality), while not necessarily restricting political commentary on former/current adversaries.  Issues surrounding the definition of hate speech and objectionable content will be raised to the Service Owner for arbitration/resolution if necessary.

  • c.                   Other generally accepted illegal content within Canada – such as child pornography, details on how to commit crimes, build weapons/explosives, etc.

18.              All groups/forums and other spaces within the Service will use a “rating” system (embedded at the end of the tile group) using the same rating criterial as used within the North American movie rating system – specifically:

  • a.                   G:          All ages admitted. Nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children.

  • b.                   PG:       Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers (this is the technical description used for the “PG13” rating used in Canada).

  • c.                   R:           Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. Contains some adult material – including partial nudity, sexual references, aggressive dialogue and narrative, strong language and imagery.

19.              A group that catered to mature audiences would be titled as follows:


20.              Forbidden activities, without express content of an Admin, include:

  • a.                  Political campaigning (this does not prohibit political dialogue, but use care).

  • b.                  Marketing and sales of products and services (but a periodic endorsement of a good service/product is permitted if it would benefit the Service).

  • c.                   Bullying (rough play/trash-talk is encouraged between members when in good humor – but don’t get too personal, and be prepared to stop if an objection is raised by the member, another observer or an admin).

  • d.                  Acts of sedition within the Service, actively campaigning against other members, the Admins or the Owner (what you do outside the Service is your own business).

21.              AT NO TIME, with or without the permission of an admin, is a member permitted to make a serious attempt at encouraging self-harm by another member. 

  • a.                  Casual references/jokes, such as “go jump off a bridge” (or cruder) are acceptable, as long as there is no reasonable expectation that the member may bring real harm to themselves as a result of such encouragement. 

  • b.                  The final decision on the interpretation/intent of such a comment is entrusted to an Admin who may direct the originating member change/delete their post, and possibly administer actions per the section on DISCIPLINARY POLICY.

22.              Members having issues with posted content/activities are to:

  • a.                  Bring it to the member who posted it, to ask they reconsider their posting (although the posting member is not obligated to act on the objection).

  • b.                  Bring it to the attention of a Moderator/Admin, who will decide if it is objectionable, and either direct the posting member to remove it, or the admin may remove it themselves.

  • c.                   Objectionable content should NOT to be reported to 3rd parties– short of exceptions where there is ILLEGAL content (ie- child pornography) or content that may pose a national threat (security violation, OPSEC violation, etc) – but ONLY in cases where there is an urgency to the situation that does not allow for handing through a Moderator or Admin.


23.              What is discussed within the Service is to remain private TO THE SERVICE.  There is to be no discussion of Service matters/business/issues outside without express permission of the members involved and an Admin/Owner.

24.              Complains about content/postings are to be brought to the attention of the Moderators/Admins or Owner and NOT through 3rd parties short of illegal content as described above (the “NO RATS” clause).


25.              In general, violations of policy, unless a flagrant violation or one that endangers the safety and security of the Service, will be handled on a 3-strike bases of warnings as follows:

  • a.                  “Verbal” warning – where an admin will speak directly to or Private Message (PM) a member advising that they have committed a violation of policy and need to take corrective action.

  • b.                  A “written” warning – either in email or PM from the Admins, formally advising they have made a second violation of policy and a 3rd violation may warrant ejection.

  • c.                   A “FINAL written warning” – for a 3rd incident, advising the member that they have “engaged in a 3rd time rules violation that has now been brought to the attention of the Owner, and consideration for ejection or other sanctions (including a period of banishment) are being considered”.

26.              Warnings may be challenged/appealed directly to the Service Owner without penalty from the Admins or the Owner.

27.              Excessive communications/appeals, unless warranted due to bulling from an Admin may however be considered an administrative burden and subject to consideration for ejection.


28.              Members CANNOT BE UNLITERALLY EJECTED FROM THE SERVICE by an Admin unless the member has committed a Forbidden or Illegal act.  In such cases, the Service Owner is the final decision authority approving an ejection.

29.              Ejection of a member for disciplinary cause requires 2/3 consensus of the Service Admins, subject to VETO by the Service Owner.

30.              Threats to continued membership to the Service SHALL NOT be used as a means of control or extorsion over a member.  Such events are to be immediately brought to the attention of the Owner.


31.              Promotion of a regular member to a Moderator or Admin role will require 2/3 consensus of the Admins, subject to VETO by the Service Owner.


32.              Demotion and/or ejection of a Moderator or Admin requires 2/3 consensus of the Admins, subject to VETO by the Service Owner.


33.              Amendments to this Charter/Policy will be made on an as-needed basis and posted to the Service for review.  Where practical, major changes shall be brought to the Service for collective vote.


34.              Continued membership within the Service, after reviewing this Charter, constitutes ACCEPTANCE and agreement to ADHERE to the Charter.


35.              Problems or queries are to be brought to the attention of:

Stephen Holton                       stephenjholton@gmail.com
871 Pleasant Park Rd              613-793-5478
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1G 1Z1

36.              This Charter/Policy is written in English at the agreement of all parties.

37.              Challenges to the legality of the Service Charter/Policy are to fall under the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario, Canada.